You think. You notice. You listen, closely. Sometimes just moving the pen brings relief. And you love reading so much it’s embarrassing. You’d read and read and read if it didn’t appear so lazy. (It’s not!)

Every so often you read something that makes you feel witnessed, healed, and met. A story. A verse. A single line. It’s so tingling good. It gives you that unreasonable feeling.

Like you want to get in there. Like you need to visit that place. Through the portal. Where time stops. Where there are whispers, images, scenes and emotions, and you are nearly vanished.

Maybe you don’t spend as much time there as you’d like. Maybe you haven’t been in many years. Maybe it’s a painful, frustrating voyage. But anytime you make it there, your sense of belonging is profound. You’re at home.

The Story Course guides you to step into your true identity as a writer. It teaches you how to access that mysterious place with presence and consistency. And it teaches you how to honour your stories with technique and craft.

The magic you produce in this course will surprise you. Work the lessons, and you’ll have a dynamite first draft, a healthy creative practice, and a feeling of respect for the writer you’ve become.

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